Spiritual Development

The Center for Contemplative Healing offers education, training, and retreats around Contemplative Practices, including such topics and areas as:

  • Living the Everyday Sacred
  • Contemplative Prayer
  • Dialogue
  • Collaboration
  • The Practice of Presence
  • Moving Away from Judgement and Control
  • Creating Sacred Space(s) for Healing
  • Contemplative Care as Compassion & Empowerment
  • The Power of Stigma and Illness
  • Living from Our Scars, Not Our Wounds.
  • Trauma and Contemplative Practices
  • Mercy Care: caring and healing without judgement
  • The Spirituality of Recovery
  • Spiritual Growth for Individuals on the Front Lines
  • And other areas as needed…

The Target Audience:

  • Doctors, Nurses, P.A.’s, Nurse Practitioners, Healthcare Practitioners and all those training to be and/or in school
  • Lawyers, judges, law enforcement, EMTs, fire departments
  • Therapist, counselors,
  • Teachers, students, administrators, and parents/grandparents/caretakers
  • Organizations, community groups, universities, and all businesses
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