Addiction Recovery

The Center for Contemplative Healing can assist organizations, enterprises, city, and county governments in establishing addiction recovery services within their communities based on need, funding, support, and infrastructure. Some of the services The Center can assist with establishing include:

  • Peer-based recovery support services for individuals, groups, families, and the community;
  • Structured recovery housing program development;
  • Education and training for community groups, law enforcement, churches, civic groups, schools, businesses and individuals wanting to learn more about the power of recovery and the nature of addiction;
  • Advocacy support to assist community stakeholders in moving to a “Public Health Model” from a “criminal justice model” for promoting recovery and treating addiction as well as working with the court systems, law enforcement, religious communities, schools and businesses to identify needs and solutions and how communities can promote recovery;
  • Resources for addressing recovery, relapse prevention, and community advocacy;
  • The Guidebook for Recovery Living – a proactive/interactive recovery lifestyle guidebook focusing on building a lasting foundation for long-term recovery. This guidebook will be available for recovery centers, treatment centers, recovery housing programs, community groups and individuals.
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